Summerland Residence, BC

March 11th, 2014

Tilt Turn Windows on residence

When Larry and Martha Wiebe decided to build a year-roundcottage on Okanagan Lake in Summerland, BC, the couple’s original intent was to construct a peaceful and relaxing space
that also incorporated as many environmentally sound building practices as possible. The home, which employs geothermal heating and cooling and highly energy-efficient windows and doors,
was awarded a prestigious Georgie Award by the Canadian HomeBuilders Association.
Winning in the category of best single-family detached home from 3,000 to 3,999 ft, the Wiebes’ residence exceeds the rigorous R-2000 requirements for this award, which mandate that 40% of the materials used in the home surpass building codes for energy performance, indoor air quality and
environmental responsibility. Meeting these requirements results in the home’s achievement of 30% greater energy efficiency than conventional new builds.
“In the beginning, we simply wanted to build a dream getaway spot for our retirement that had lots of light and a great view of the lake from every room,” said homeowner Martha Wiebe. “To
help realize this vision, we chose windows and doors from Euroline that feature profiles from REHAU. Not only did the windows and doors allow for a lot of light to come through the ‘window wall’ off the whole back of the house, but they felt very secure and tightly sealed when locked – a benefit from both a safety and inclement weather perspective.”
The casement and tilt-turn windows and doors used in the project feature multi-chambered profiles, multi-point locks and compression seal technology – all of which contribute to their superior
energy efficiency.
“Euroline has consistently sought out projects that showcase the company’s dedication to offering unique solutions,” said Brian Guyer, marketing manager for REHAU’s window and door group.
“Both REHAU and Euroline are devoted to sustainable building, and this project is a great example of that commitment.”
“The results of installing Euroline windows and doors in the home were remarkable from an energy efficiency perspective,” said Al Murray, general contractor and proprietor of Allan Murray
Construction in Summerland, BC. “As the home is located right on the lake, it’s subject to windy conditions year-round and extremely cold winters. It was important that the windows and doors be as air-tight as possible.”
“The results of the air test were so remarkable that we just had to submit this home for the Georgie Award,” Murray said. “It was really no surprise to us when it won.”
“We’re thrilled that our house is being recognized for the example it has set in practicing energy efficiency,” said Wiebe. “We also can’t get over how many people simply love the view our windows