4500 Windows: Special Application

Impact Resistant

The Elements Architectural PVCu System 4500 tilt-turn and fixed window designs and the tilt-slide and out-swing double door designs have been tested to meet the various hurricane impact protocols. Optimal profile design and compression-seal technology contribute to outstanding performance.

Performance Summary
(ASTM + TAS; u-Value):
Tilt-Turn Windows (dry glazed): DP: +/- 65 (HVHZ); u-V: down to 0.31*
Out-Swing Double Doors (dry glazed): DP: +/- 65; u-V: down to 0.36*
Fixed Windows (dry glazed): DP +/- 65; u-V: down to 0.29*
Tilt-Slide Doors (partially wet glazed): DP +/- 80; u-V: down to 0.31*
*based on simulation
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