4500 Doors: Commercial Application


The Elements Architectural PVCu System 4500 bi-fold door design is a premium solution for spaces that need a wide, unobstructed opening. Whether for residential or commercial applications, this unique door design allows up to seven sash panels to fold to either side, creating a wide opening without any interruption. This design can be easily matched with a variety of window and door configurations. Multi-locking mechanisms on the folding sash panels and smooth riding rollers on the top and bottom running tracks protect against intrusion while still allowing for complete clearance when sash panels are opened to the side.

Design a Door To Your Own Specifications

Choose the opening width of your patio door with a configuration of up to seven seperate sash panels. All panels can be folded to one side, or they can be divided in any combination and stacked up against both sides of the opening.

Compression-seal Technology

Compression seals on frame and sashes in combination with multi-point locking hardware keep dust and dirt out and assure optimal water and air tightness.

  • High-quality hardware operates quietly and effortlessly
  • Lever locking mechanism securely closes the end panel of the bi-folding sashes
  • Multiple locking points and compression seals all around the sash perimeter provide water tightness, minimal air infiltration, security and good sound insulation
  • Can accept a broad range of specialty glazing options to fulfill energy savings needs, including Energy Star requirements

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Performance Summary The Elements Architectural PVCu 455 bi-fold door design has been structurally tested to a design pressure (DP) of 25 psf for a light commercial-sized 4-panel door. AAMA: up to class LC-PG25-SD 144 x 96 in (3.65 x 2.4 m) (4-panel door)
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  1. Glazing capacity

    Large glazing capacity of up to 1 3/8 in (35 mm) in thickness improves energy efficiency and acoustical properties

  2. Large sash sizes

    Large reinforcement chambers in the sash allow for sash sizes as large as 7.5 ft (2.4 m) high and 3 ft. (0.9 m) wide, weighing up to 175 lbs (80 kg)

  3. Energy Efficiency

    Four-chambered sashes and frames provide high energy efficiency