4500 Windows: Commercial Application


The Elements Architectural PVCu System 4500 tilt-turn and fixed window designs and the tilt-slide and out-swing double door designs have been tested to meet the various hurricane impact protocols. Optimal profile design and compression-seal technology contribute to outstanding performance.

Performance Summary
(ASTM + TAS; u-Value):
Tilt-Turn Windows (dry glazed): DP: +/- 65 (HVHZ); u-V: down to 0.31*
Out-Swing Double Doors (dry glazed): DP: +/- 65; u-V: down to 0.36*
Fixed Windows (dry glazed): DP +/- 65; u-V: down to 0.29*
Tilt-Slide Doors (partially wet glazed): DP +/- 80; u-V: down to 0.31*
*based on simulation
image description
  1. Multiple locking points and compression seals

    Provide minimal air infi ltration, best-in-class sound insulation and water tightness even under hurricane conditions

  2. Built-in security in tilt position

    When in the tilt position, the sash automatically engages the locking mechanism providing security against being pulled open

  3. High-quality European hardware

    Operates easily and quietly and is infinitely adjustable

  4. Versatile Frame Options

    Offer choice of 2 3/8 in (60 mm) with smooth styling or traditional 3 1/4 in (83 mm) that accepts variety of accessories

  5. Wide Glazing Channel

    Accepts up to 1 3/8 in (35 mm) insulated glazing for superior energy efficiency and acoustical properties