4500 Windows: Special Application

Blast Resistant

The Elements Architectural PVCu System 4500 tilt-turn and fixed window designs offer builders and architects a very unique product for large openings in both residential and commercial markets. This versatile design is three in one: an inward opening casement in the turn position, a secure top venting hopper in the tilt position and a tightly-sealed picture window when closed. When subjected to 4 and 7 psi blast loading in an Architectural Testing Inc. Security Fenestration Certificate Program, all Elements Architectural PVCu System 4500 samples received “No Damage” or “No Hazard” ratings.

Performance Summary ASTM + GSA: Blast Performance Condition 1 and 2 AAMA: up to Class CW-PG1000-DAW and AW-PG70-FW U-factor down to 0.28-0.32 ASTM E90 Acoustical (STC): up to 43 dB
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  1. Multiple locking points and dual weather seals

    Provide a high level of air and water tightness

  2. Large chambers

    Accomodate reinforcements required for large openings in heavy commercial applications

  3. Accessory groove

    Accepts a variety of accessories such as brickmolds, extension jambs and profiles to couple window elements

  4. Overall 1 in. IG (blast resistant configuration)

    Increases energy efficiency and acoustial properties

  5. 3 1/4 in (83 mm) frame depth

    Allows for easy replacement installation