Eco Smart House

March 12th, 2014

Short Info Montana EcoHouse

Addressing Sustainability in Architectural Design and Building Technology

The REHAU® MONTANA ecosmart house is a residential modeling and construction project that aims to exhibit the potential for maximized energy efficiency and occupant comfort by combining the latest sustainable building systems.

The innovative design and construction of this Bozeman, Montana residence was overseen by the Montana State University Creative Research Lab (MSU CRLab). During the construction phase, hundreds of sensors were placed throughout the floors, walls and envelope of the house by MSU students. During the research phase, which will extend through 2013, REHAU is teaming with some of industry and academia’s foremost experts in sustainable building to monitor and evaluate system performance.

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Extensive Testing and Research
The house now serves as a “living laboratory” in which an extensive range of system testing and evaluation will gauge how the systems work together or in contrast to each other, leading to conclusions about optimal system selection and integration.

To provide the research team with a wide variety of optimization scenarios, the house design includes overlapping, interactive technologies for heating and cooling, fresh air intake and ventilation as well as insulation and building envelope. Each aspect of the structure’s engineering performance will be analyzed and monitored for both independent and integrated performance via an intelligent climate control system augmented with a data acquisition system.

An Ongoing Learning Tool for Green Building
The REHAU MONTANA ecosmart house will serve as a learning and teaching tool throughout its research phase and beyond. Cutting-edge information about sustainable construction will be shared with the academic world, building industry professionals, developers, specifiers, homebuilders and homeowners. This valuable data will also help determine the best ways to meet the latest LEED®, NAHB, HERS and IBEC certification standards.

Featured Systems – Building Envelope
Insulating Concrete Forms • Structural Insulated Panels • uPVC Window and Door Designs* • Sunlight-Responsive Thermochromic (SRT) Glazing

Featured Systems – HVAC and Mechanical
Intelligent Climate Control Technology* • Ground-Air Heat Exchange* • Geothermal Ground Loop Heat Exchange* • Thermal Storage Heat Sink • PEX Plumbing* • Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Panels • Radiant Heating and Cooling* • Snow and Ice Melting* • Fire Sprinkler*

Featured Systems – Interior
Telemedicine Communications Technology • Tambour Cabinetry for Accessibility*