Bell Tower, Seattle, Washington

March 10th, 2014

Bell Tower Seattle Washington

Bell Tower Location and Architect

The Seattle Housing Authority Finds Energy-Efficient Solution That Lowers Operating Costs and Improves Accessibility for Residents

With $3.5 million in funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Seattle Housing Authority looked to identify energy-efficient building solutions for its Bell Tower rehabilitation project. Upgrades to this 118-unit, 17-story high-rise in the heart of Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood included replacement of all windows with REHAU’s highly efficient System 4500 tilt-turn design.

In addition to reducing overall operating costs at the complex, the windows provide a clean, modern look to the building’s exterior, making it more aesthetically welcoming in this trendy area of the city. Residents also enjoy ease of operation, facilitated by the windows’ American Disabilities Act (ADA) hardware features. Those on higher levels of the building additionally appreciate the safety of the tilt-turn design when compared to traditional hung and slider windows.

The System 4500 tilt-turn window design is REHAU’s top-of-the-line commercial fenestration product offering. This design allows the window to operate in either a tilt or turn position, offering three separate functions in one window: traditional casement look in the turn position, convenient top ventilation in the tilt position, and elegant picture window when closed.

The System 4500 window and door design offers the ultimate in high performance. Its features include:

  • Compression seal sash with two weather seals
  • Multi-point locking hardware
  • Superior sound abatement properties
  • Ability to build awning and hopper styles with natural ventilation while providing security
  • Ability to reduce heat loss and noise infiltration, providing a warmer, more comfortable living space