Elements Architectural PVCu was developed as a division of LivingSpace Sunrooms as a result of our many years experience with European Window Systems manufacturing for use in our custom English Conservatories.

With the changes in building design and energy code requirements for commercial and institutional buildings, there is an increased demand for window and door systems with substantially improved design and energy efficiency.

With our over 40 years of combined experience and expertise with European Window Systems Manufacturing, we were approached by several leading commercial PVCu design and extrusion providers to fabricate their window and door systems. All leading edge commercial PVCu window and door systems are based on European Window Systems design and integrate seamlessly into our current manufacturing software and fabrication equipment.

Our manufacturing tolerances are far superior to those of typical window fabricators and we utilize state-of-art software and fabrication equipment and techniques to provide a window and door system that few manufactures of window and door systems in North America have achieved.